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Diary of the Gryffindor queen.
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Date:2005-10-10 21:32
Mood: good

The wilderness years are finally over!! you know a lot of people assume that I'm the way I am because of choice, when in reality sometimes you just get thrust into certain situations.
Anyway it doesn't matter anymore because I've finally found a nice emotionally stable boy who above everything else likes me.

In other news divintion has gotten sort of depressing lately, I'm normally used to people disliking me but it's different when you know that once they didn't feel that way.

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Date:2005-10-01 20:59
Mood: sad

You know some people give the impression that they're logicial mature and rational when in reality they're just as bad as every one else.
I really dont understand this at all, I do nothing but act nice yet every time I make a new friend they make up excuses to turn against me.
Well you know what if you seem to think I'm so evil and so cruel then I don't think I want to be friends with you Terry Boot.
I have people in my life who know that I'm not some sort of bitch who would turn an innocent boy into a cat just to play a TRICK ON YOU!
I doubt I could convince you that I'm telling the truth unless you force feed me that smelly truth telling stuff that begins with the letter V ( I dont know what its called because I dont take NEWTS potions).

You'll believe what ever you like.

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Date:2005-09-19 19:58

I am found the poor thing crying it's eyes out on my way to breakfast and some ass hole decided to colour it in PURPLE of all things. Of course I had to rescue it but now I've got two cats running around my tent and for some reason the kitten keeps trying to bite my wand with it's dear little mouth! does anybody know of any one whose missing a kitten? for that matter a purple kitten?
I'll hold onto him for as long as I can but two cats take a lot of feeding you know.

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Date:2005-09-11 20:26
Mood: busy

Yesterday Parvati and I had an arguement about what to do with all the extra room that we have in our dormitory. At first Parvati wanted to enlarge her own wardrobe which was totally unfair because how much room does she need? she insists on bringing all her fancy saris and she doesn't even WEAR THEM!! meanwhile I have thirty four pairs of shoes all of which need to be stored correctly because they'll get all bent out of shape.
Anyway we then figured out that if we pushed the beds to one side and kept my tent on the floor we can stay in there. Parvati decided to move into the room Draco stayed in during the summer holidays.
But Draco left all this crap every where, so we had to clean out all the leather pants and makeup and .. skirts. Then Parvati changed the walls from Black to hot pink and we turned the third guest room into a meditation room. After that we pushed the dormitories wardrobes into the tent and enlarged them so we have walk in closets.

Then we had to clean all the furniture because I accidently let it slip that Draco's boyfriend Cael came over a lot and Parvati freaked out.
Honestly for a girl whose no longer a virgin she can really freak out over boy germs anyway I have to redo this quidditch audition despite the fact all the other beaters trying out are pipsqueek second years.
After that I'm going out with Kit to Hogsmeade and then I need to find Terry Boot and ask him if he's the one who checked out "Interpreting cryptic phrases in fire demon divintion" because I cant think of anyone else who would actually bother to borrow it.

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Date:2005-08-29 21:16
Mood: lazy

Divintion was fun today, I got to tell two fortunes instead of one.
Well technically one and a half considering Malcolm freaked out and ran off to the bathroom for nearly the entire lesson.

Why am I the agony aunt for all these dashing young men with problems? I suppose it has a lot to do with how the cards are dealt.

I would however like to hang around with some one who isn't currently suffering from an emotion crisis, Kit are you free?

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Date:2005-08-20 22:17
Mood: gloomy

I'm not sure why I'm so surprised really, the card was lurking in the depths of the minor acarna for months and I suppose I just refused to see it.
In the end we want to ignore things which are really obvious but I guess we just can't avoid things forever.
I guess even if we don't like hearing the truth it's better to actually know the truth and stop living in a fairy land where we think that.. never mind.

Today I have DADA class which will be interesting, I'm torn between thinking certain stereotype thingies are true because whenever I do something happens that surprises me.
I'm glad I dont take potions though, it was bad enough when Millicent sent me fifty howlers.

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Date:2005-08-03 19:55
Mood: mischievous

I've come to several conclusions concerning my life.

One I hate transfiguration; I just really don't see the point in it at all. Yes I understand that in a life or death situation it might be a good idea to know how to turn my dress into a rope but can somebody please explain why I would need to turn an elephant into a tea pot of all things?
I suspect that not only is it cruel to the said elephant but that it should also be made illegal, I mean doesn't anybody consider the feelings of the elephant? I imagine that being turned into a teapot would be a very traumatic experience.
Especially if it was an ugly teapot.

Two I have decided that now that I'm seventeen I need privacy which is why I pitched my tent on top of my bed, the thing I love about magic is the fact that you really can pitch a small tent on top of a bed only to go inside and find out you have a three bedroom house with it's own plumbing.
Plus I need to start meditating in private because Parvati refuses to take it seriously; if she squeals one more time over the wheel of fortune card I will kill her. Parvati you and the boy in the dress are not going to get back together and run off into the sunset GET OVER IT, go snog Skylar Rosier because he will sleep with everything including inanimate objects.

Also I must say that this year our head boy happens to be exceptionally fit, wouldn't you agree?

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Date:2005-07-30 21:56


Lavender is a seventh year, still went on her path of enlightment last year which means she has psychic abilities.
Still lives in her tent accept this time it's been pitched in the common room, inside the tent still looks like a house with a kitchen a lounge room, two bedrooms and a spa.

Getting friendly with Kit and has something of a crush on him.

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Date:2005-07-06 21:56
Mood: happy

Well I've been feeling much better as of late, it just goes to show that it's good to get out and meet new people.
After all gaining a fresh perspective is healthy for both the body and soul.

The cards have also looked good this past week, the devil has gone back to lurking in the minor decks and the star keeps being upturned.
Hope, Faith and a deep spirituel love does sound positive.
And the card is very pretty, looks nothing at all like the human star thank goodness.

I am also the queen of swords, I'm not sure how that works but the cards say it all really.

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Date:2005-06-06 22:12
Mood: confused


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Date:2005-05-27 20:49

Draco has gone home for the weekend so I'm in the tent by myself, it's quite strange being alone again after such a long time. I'm used to walking to the kitchen in the middle of the night and hearing him snoring in his own room, it was kind of reassuring. It made me believe that Death Eaters hadn't come in and killed every one.

I was only alone in my tent for two months when he decided to move in and before then I'd always shared dormitories with other girls..
Maybe I'm just not used to living by myself.
Actually I guess I'm not alone, I mean the plant and Miss Georgie are here even if they are curled up in front of the fire togethor.
Miss Georgie is such a cheating skank.

It's so quiet that I can hear the whomping willow hit things with it's branches, and the wind.
It's almost spooky really.

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Date:2005-05-24 21:15
Mood: sick

I Feel as if I'm missing something, it's important but I'm not sure what it is and it keeps niggling at me. Perhaps I've forgotten to feed the plant? I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to feed it exactly.
The centaur hunt wasn't successful at all, the details are rather blurry (I think I hurt my head some how) but the centaur didn't agree. Blaise and I are going to go back in a few days to try and convince him again, perhaps if we brought him a gift he might say yes this time.

I don't feel very well and I think the plant is in love with Miss Georgie (sorry about that Kit,) it keeps following her every where and she's starting to panic whenever she hears rustling sounds.
The only good thing about that is it keeps leaving petals every where which happens to look lovely, but Draco keeps cleaning it up which makes things look cleaner but less romantic.

It's very quiet here because Draco is off somewhere with his boyfriend, I think I'm going to go meditate to try and gain some inner clarity. It might help with this cotton wool feeling in my head.

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Date:2005-05-22 12:29
Mood:cheerfull despite my demise

So according to Star Ruet I'm going to die, this is quite a relief because this means I'll remember to wear clean underwear every day so when they find my corpse I will at least look decent.
I'll also have to get organised and start planning my will and my funeral, after all if I come back as a ghost I'd hardly want to deal with botchy plans.
It's a bit sad that I'll die a virgin though but that does happen all the time, I mean Joan of Arc was a virgin when she died, it's a part of life I suppose.

Anyway after my death I've decided to leave my tent to my dear "fiance" Draco because he lives in it anyway. I will also include the contents of my tent which consist of my makeup and my clothes.
Miss Georgie Purball will be sent to my other dear friend Parvati since she's always liked cats.
Ginny will inherit my jewelery, including my silver bracelet, my pink diamond ring and my gold tiara.
Skylar will inherit my protective charm in the shape of a green jade owl on a gold chain.

I have decided that my trust fund will go to the magical creatures wild life fund in order to protect hippogriffs ( they are after all an endangered species)

Now I must go, I need to find a centaur which will be quite difficult considering they hate humans.
Any one want to come and assist me?

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Date:2005-05-13 19:40
Mood: tired

Sometimes I wonder why people are always pissed off, maybe it's just me and I just put those people in a bad mood no matter how hard I try to be nice to them.
I don't think I'm generally like that but it's hard to tell isn't it? I mean some people seem to like having me around but other times I think they tolerate the fact I'm around. I can't think of anyone who would honestly be upset if I just packed my bags and left, never to return.
It's something to think about isn't it? Of course I won't actually go, I'm too worried to go just yet but then again... meh, if they're not worried then why should I be? in fact why care at all?

Anyway I'm pretty sure some one is going to get bashed in the head pretty soon, boys are so violent.

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Date:2005-04-28 11:52
Mood:not sure really

Budha says that neither true evil or true good exist, that we all have the potential to go either way. Some people though do choose to do the wrong thing and I'm not sure why exactly, perhaps it comes from their own selfish need to save their own neck... or whatever.
I think Millicent is getting impatient she keeps sending me owls constantly but doesn't she realise that I cannot do this alone? just because I'm good at one thing it doesn't mean I'm good at everything and I know I'm missing something.

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Date:2005-04-14 22:53
Mood: determined

Draco and I are having a " how many drinks can we get from men" competition and we are looking for a neutral judge.
All applicants should comment here.

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Date:2005-04-08 21:15
Mood:odd yet tingly

Well that felt very very strange.
I had no idea meditating could do that.

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Date:2005-04-07 21:04
Subject:Attention all.
Mood: determined

This is just a small entry to inform you all that I do not want any one coming into my room tonight.
I do not want people to stop by pretending they're visiting me when really they're spying on me, I do not want people crawling into my bed at four am because they can't sleep ( that means YOU Draco).
I will be meditating for the next ten hours in order to allow my chakra to reach a higher state of awareness and I will be very very pissed off if any one of you decides to RUIN IT.

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Date:2005-04-04 19:47
Subject:OOC Post.
Mood: anxious

At the moment I think that Lola and I are the only original members of dramatis persona left ( we created dramatis with the others) and I think that makes it ok for me to make this post about what we should all do now.
It's been just over six days since Kia said she quit and I don't know if she's coming back since no ones really told me anything.
But I think we need to decide as a group what we will do whether she decides to come back or not.

~ Heather

If anyone needs to contact me my aim name is loverly lavender

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Date:2005-03-05 22:00
Subject:Blue in the sky.
Mood:busy and tired

So the other day I was reading one of Rosie's books in my room and the main character had this like physical conscience.
It wasn't just a little thing in his brain telling him what was right or wrong it was more then that.
It made me think, why doe's this little wooden boy need a physical conscience? doesn't he have any morals in his head at all? I mean he listened to a little insect thing.

Maybe some people do need the little insect thing you know, maybe for some people there just isn't something in their head telling them that it's not a good idea to use and manipulate people or whatever.

I've been thinking for awhile why I changed when I did, it must have been something beyond my new exercise routine.. something deeper then that I guess.
Maybe I changed because I became an adult, but part of me would like to think I changed because I needed to do something.
And part of me is starting to think that maybe what I need to do is more then following Millicent's orders or slipping health potions into cups of coffee.

I need to fix my summer wardrobe and clean my make up case after Draco used it, there are so many things I need to do.

Star we've figured something out so if you want I'll move into my own bedroom and you can have Draco, you can have whoever you want.
I'm just so tired I don't care anymore.

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